Welcome to the Whale Sharkers competition!

After a successful first competition (see winners below),

we're presenting a second edition!


We've postponed the submission date!

You can submit work here until December 9th, 2019


 A selection of submissions will be displayed on the Whale Shark Project website and winners will be invited to the sculpture reveal at the Georgia Aquarium


Good luck to all!



Spring 2019 winning projects

Brooke Perla & Josephine Dodds

Research video

McClure Middle School

Cathryn-Rose Kolb, Louise Abercrombie & Harper Rodgers


Warren T Jackson Elementary School

Sahana Gilliss & Anna Behrman

Research experiment

Harrison High School

Will Enzymes Break Down Plastics Underwater

Abigail Easterwood


North Atlanta High School

Taylor McNeal & Bridgette Castronovo

Research poster

Harrison High School




Bryce Gundy

Art sculpture

Career Academy South Bend

the Whale Shark Project

Objective: - 50% pollution in Atlanta by 2021. Working with the community through art and education


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